What Does the Future of Green Energy Hold? - A Webinar on Sustainable Energy

Over-dependency on fossil-based fuels owing to easy handling, high energy density, and existing infrastructure, among other factors, brings attention to the role of green energy in day-to-day activities and its future.

Experts suggest that alternative fuels/green fuels/biofuels are expected to be the future fuels that can support not only meet the global energy requirement but also contribute to fulfilling the promises of various global agreements related to the environment. The ongoing Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC (COP27) events in Egypt has seen announcements regarding the same. For instance, South Africa and its investment partners are launching an $8.5 billion plan to shift from coal-based energy toward green energy.

Green hydrogen is one alternative fuel used by several governments globally for their energy requirements.

Some of the key trends driving the consumption of green hydrogen are as follows:

• Growing demand for green hydrogen in the mobility industry
• Industrial decarbonization strategies
• Stringent emission regulation policies adopted by key economies across the globe
• Technological mandates (Bans and mandated phase-outs of fossil fuel technologies)
• Establishment of large hydrogen projects across the globe:
           - HyDeal Ambition (67GW) will be complete by 2030
           - Reckaz (30GW) will be complete by 2028
           - Western Green Energy Hub (28GW) will be complete by 2028
• Strategic initiatives announced in ongoing COP27 event to support green energy (6th to 18th November event in Egypt)

Germany, too, announced that it would invest around $572 million in global green hydrogen projects. Out of this, $260 million will be invested in large-scale hydrogen projects across emerging economies, and $312 million funds will be for target companies in Germany and Europe.

BIS Research has been studying the green fuel market to keep a tab on the future of green energy and what all derivatives, such as green hydrogen and green methanol, etc., will play a role in transforming the sustainable fuel economy.

To understand this future technology, BIS Research is conducting a comprehensive webinar that will provide all the information and insights on the future of green energy. Here's all you need to know about the webinar.

Topic: Green Hydrogen and Green Fuels - Future of Energy
Register at: https://bit.ly/3AfFinK


The webinar will have insight and thought leadership on green fuel derivatives such as green hydrogen and green methanol in transforming the green fuel economy. The webinar will also discuss the latest trends and key market developments in alternative fuels. Some of the key areas that would be covered during the session include:

• Green hydrogen and green fuels economy (trends and key market developments)
• Primary sources of greenhouse gas emissions and associated environmental issues
• Green hydrogen and green fuels as a sustainable solution
• Green fuels (adoption scenario and key investments)
• Conclusion and future outlook


Our eminent panelists for this webinar are:

Ómar Sigurbjörnsson – Mr. Omar Sigurbjörnsson is the director of sales and marketing at Carbon Recycling International, a global leader operating in methanol technology. Omar is responsible for the sales of e-methanol and the development of commercial projects based on the Company's ETL technology platform. Ómar received his M.Sc. in Physical Chemistry from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and a B.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Iceland.

Dr. Christopher Papile – Dr. Papile Dr. Christopher Papile was the Head of the Thyssenkrupp Global Task Force overseeing alkaline electrolyzer, eNH3, eCH3OH, H2-DRI-steel, PVC, and eFuels. Preceding as Director of Portfolio Growth (M&A and R&D) at the 50/50 JV ExxonMobil/Technip. Initially, at Arthur D. Little, he co-started Nuvera Fuel Cells (Epyx), directing small-scale reforming with PEM hydrogen FCEV. Today he leads Catalyte for OEM and EPC for a unique ammonia-methanol coproduction.

Sydney Lobo – Mr. Sydney Lobo has over two and half decades of experience in sustainability, clean energy, and environmental management in the energy space. He is seen as an industry expert in assessing the techno-economic viability of diverse technologies across the globe, interfacing with eminent academic institutions. The ability to manage multiple stakeholders and lead from the front has resulted in filing three patents, publishing multiple research papers, a position as an Advisory Board Member of a research institute, and mentoring startups.

Kaustubh Kamble – Kaustubh is the senior research analyst for advanced materials and chemicals practice at BIS Research. He is responsible for researching, analyzing, and presenting market developments and technologies in the chemicals and materials domain. He has been involved in publishing more than 30 market research projects for various emerging technologies. Kaustubh holds a master's degree in Business Administration and a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pune, India.

Reasons to Join:

Apart from eminent panelists and their views, the webinar will offer an understanding of the following:

• Opportunity to understand the need to switch to green fuels
• Scope to identify factors limiting the adoption of the green fuel
• Chance to explore upcoming technologies in green fuels
• Opportunity to explore the market in different regions
• Platform to analyze the futurist scenario of the green fuels industry

So, what are you waiting for? Register for the event today. Get an edge over your competitors by learning about the future of green energy.

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