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Global Wearable Technology (Electronic) Components Market worth $17.4 billion by 2024

Jul 29, 2014 8:25:35 AM / by yash posted in memory, Sensor, Volatile memory, wearable electronics, Battery, non volatile memory, Wearable Technology, Market Research Report


“Global Wearable Technology (Electronic) Components Market Analysis & Forecast (2014-2024)” is an exhaustive 192 page report with over 51 figures and 19 market data tables providing an in-depth analysis of the wearable electronic component market.  The report also presents the key trends in the electronic components market, mapped across each product segments which are hand worn (smartwatches & wrist wear), head worn (smartglasses & HMD/HUD), and body worn (smart textiles).

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“Power! Power! And Power!”: Keeping Abreast of Wearable Components Market with Ali Foughi and InvenSense

Jun 12, 2014 4:25:19 AM / by BIS Research posted in Power, Sensor, Accelermeter, Battery, Gyroscope, InvenSense, Wearable Elctronics, Wearable Technology, Market Research Report


Wearable technology is being widely touted as the next big thing in the technology domain. This buzz around wearables can be attributed partly to their application in enhancing the quality of human life and partly to the push from the market players to explore new avenues of growth.

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