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Fixed Wing VTOL: The Prodigy of the Aerospace Industry

Aug 3, 2018 5:14:15 AM / by BIS Research posted in VTOL aircraft forecast, VTOL Aircraft Market, VTOL aircraft report, VTOL aircraft trends, VTOL Industry, VTOL market, Aerospace defense, VTOL aircraft industry, VTOL forecast, VTOL report, VTOL trends


Rolls Royce. Aston Martin. Uber. Why is everyone investing millions of dollars in Fixed-wing VTOL?

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Fixed –Wing VTOL Aircraft Set to Change the Aviation Industry Dynamics

Jun 19, 2017 10:50:18 AM / by BIS Research posted in Fixed Wing VTOL Aircraft Market, Global VTOL Aircraft Market, VTOL Aircraft Market, VTOL Aircraft Market Analysis, Aerospace defense, Fixed Wing Hybrid VTOL Market, Fixed Wing VTOL Aircraft Market Research, Global Fixed Wing VTOL Aircraft Market, Global Fixed Wing VTOL Aircraft Market Report, VTOL


Aircraft have been an asset to humankind since their inception as they have helped us achieve the heights we could not deem possible. With the advancement in technology and engineering, a plethora of aircraft have been developed which have unique characteristics. Rotorcraft and fixed-wing aircraft are the two major types of aircraft, in which rotorcraft are capable of vertical takeoff and landing, whereas fixed-wing aircraft require a runway and are mainly used for the commercial air travel covering long distance. Fixed-wing aircraft lack the hovering ability of the rotorcrafts and hence, cannot be used in any area without platforms to carry out emergency tasks. Hence, there has been an inevitable need to develop an aircraft with the combined qualities of rotorcraft and fixed-wing aircraft.

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