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Desktop 3D Printing Bringing Together the Digital and Physical World

May 26, 2017 11:31:01 AM / by BIS Research posted in Desktop 3D Printer Market Forecast, Desktop 3D Printer Market Research, 3D Printing, 3D Printing Market, 3D Printing Market Analysis, 3D Printing Technologies, 3D Printing Technology, Desktop 3D Printer Market, Global Desktop 3D Printer Market, Global Desktop 3D Printer Market Report


The advent of 3D printing technology has bridged the gap between the digital and the physical world. Similar in operation to 2D printers, 3D printers use thousands of layers of material which are printed layer upon layer with the help of an extruder to create the objects in 3D. Through this emerging technology, desktop 3D printers have made 3D printing accessible and affordable for a large number of population. Desktop 3D printers can be used in homes, offices, schools and universities, among other end-user sectors. The evolution in 3D printing technologies and gradual decrease in the cost of desktop 3D printers have led to the expansion of 3D printers in major domains of application. 3D printing has now spread over the world of clothing, shoes, frames, food, and experimenting with 3D printed dresses, chocolates and shoes.

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3D Printing Set To Revolutionize The Manufacturing industry Across Different Verticals

Apr 13, 2017 6:30:04 AM / by BIS Research posted in ColorJet Printing, Global 3D Printing Materials Market, Global 3D Printing Materials Market Report, PolyJet Printing, 3D Printing Materials Market Research, 3DP Technology, 3D Printing, 3D Printing Market, 3D Printing Market Analysis, 3D Printing Material Market, 3D Printing Materials Market, 3DP, 3DP Market, 3DP Meterials Market, Global 3DP Market, Global 3DP Market Forecast, MultiJet Printing


The market of 3D printing has witnessed drastic changes since its initial years and has expanded over many end-use industries including healthcare. The 3D printing material market has become more pervasive with rapid technological advancement and the expansion of 3D printing industry, transforming the dynamics of manufacturing industry. The deep chasm between the digital and physical has been bridged with the innovation of 3D printing and now people are widely using this emerging technology for a physical representation of their digital design and products.

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