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Moving Ahead To The Era Of Online Gaming: Global Online Games Of Skill Market To Grow Exponentially

Apr 14, 2017 5:32:23 AM / by BIS Research posted in Games of Skill Market Analysis, Online Games of Skill Market, Online Games of Skill Market Research, Digital Technology, Games of Skill Market, Global Games of Skill Market, Global Games of Skill Market Forecast, Global Online Games of Skill Market Report, Global Online Games of Skill Market


Games of skill, a category of games which requires skills from the player in the form of dexterity, knowledge or strategic thinking, has helped the gaming industry in its development and wide expansion over the last decade, and the global games of skill market is exploring new avenues now. This expansion has helped in creating a new range of platforms for revenue generation and integrated payment solutions ranging from subscriptions fees, pay-per-play, in-app purchases, royalties to premium account and upgrade remunerations. The users in developed countries are familiar with the online paid games, however, among the developing economies, there was inhibitions regarding the online payment gateways initially, but now the user base is adopting the real money online games, thus becoming a loyal revenue base for the industry.

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