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Artificial Intelligence: A Catalyst for Change in the Healthcare Industry

Oct 27, 2017 3:13:20 AM / by BIS Research posted in ai in healthcare, artificial intelligence market trends, Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, artificial intelligence in medical field, Artificial Intelligence in Real Time Monitoring, artificial intelligence market analysis, Artificial Intelligence Market in Healthcare, artificial intelligence market report, artificial intelligence market size, Digital Technology


Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining popularity and importance across different sectors in the world and healthcare sector is no different. The role of AI in healthcare sector is widespread as it is helping to solve the problems of patients, doctors, hospitals, and the overall healthcare industry. From virtual assistants to using a robot for explaining lab results, AI is garnering important role in several healthcare operations helping clinicians and patients. The primary reason for the rapid adoption of AI technology is the increased efficiency of the operations along with accurate and effective output. With the use of AI in various aspects of healthcare the rate of human errors are reduced which effectively brings down the risk of some untoward situations.

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