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Increasing Low Fertility Rate Gives A Boost To Global IVF Market

Mar 22, 2017 10:00:32 AM / by BIS Research posted in In-Vitro Fertilization Report, IVF, IVF Market Analysis, Global IVF Market Forecast, Healthcare & Medical, Global IVF Market, Global IVF Market Report, In-Vitro Fertilization Market, IVF Market, IVF Market Research


There has been a drastic change in the lifestyle of people, and with it they have acquired myriads of habits, such as smoking & drinking and intake of anabolic steroids, and become prone to many medical conditions, like diabetes, cystic fibrosis, testicular failure, fallopian tube blockage. All of these factors have adversely affected the reproductive system on a large scale. Early 1990’s registered a rapid pace in the development of assisted reproductive technology (ART) due to high infertility rate and degrading reproductive health condition. ART, artificial method adopted for treating infertility, has come as a blessing to solve the reproductive health issues.

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