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Aircraft Landing Gear Market Expected To Soar As Global Air Traffic Increases

Feb 20, 2017 8:52:10 AM / by BIS Research posted in Commercial Aircraft Landing Gear Market Report, Commercial Aircraft Landing Gear Market Study, Aerospace defense, Aircraft Landing Gear Market Research, Aircraft Landing Gear Market Forecast, Global Commercial Aircraft Landing Gear Market, Landing Gear Market Trends, Landing Gear Market Analysis, Landing Gear Market Survey


With a sudden surge in the global air traffic within a decade, demands of aircrafts has increased immensely, especially in the commercial sector, blurring the borders among different countries. The commercial aircraft sector is set to witness a strong growth rate owing to the production of next generation aircrafts. Landing gear is one of the crucial systems installed in an aircraft as it supports the weight of an aircraft during operations such as take-off, landing and taxiing. New landing gear systems are being developed, with the innovation in the landing gear technology. These systems are low maintenance and lighter in weight as compared to earlier landing gear systems. The market of landing gear systems is expected to show a strong growth due to the escalating demands of aircrafts which has further resulted in an increased demand of new landing gears.

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