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Nations in Race for Procuring Lethal Defense Technology- Medium Caliber Ammunition

Sep 28, 2017 3:16:47 AM / by BIS Research posted in Caliber ammunition, Caliber Ammunition market, Caliber Ammunition market analysis, Caliber Ammunition market report, Caliber Ammunition market trends, Medium Caliber Ammunition Market, Aerospace defense, Global Medium Caliber Ammunition Market


Medium-caliber ammunitions are available in a wide variety of different specifications such as high explosive incendiary, armor piercing incendiary, target practice tracer, target practice marker, high explosive dual purpose grenades, and high explosive dual purpose with self-destruction grenades, and much more. The size of the caliber in the medium-caliber ammunitions ranges from 20mm to 57mm and these are used mostly by the military as per their specifications. Manufacturers in the ammunition industry are launching new products and engaging in collaboration with other companies to expand their business worldwide. The companies are stimulated by the increased demand from the defense forces across various countries, procuring specific sized medium-caliber ammunition.

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