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Unpredictable Climate and Food Security Concerns Expanding Agricultural Films Market

Sep 26, 2017 10:28:26 PM / by BIS Research posted in Agricultural Films Market Research Forecast, Agriculture & Food Tech, Agricultural Films Market forecast, Agricultural Films Market Research Report, Agricultural Films Market Share, Agricultural Films Market Size, Global Agricultural Films Market, Global Agricultural Films Market Report


Scientists and researchers in the agricultural field have stressed on the need to improve the cropping environment, which subsequently increases the production season and helps in crop's growth. One of the solutions reached by the researchers is agricultural films, which protect the crop from external factors such as wind, rain, pests, and insects, thus, reducing the damage to a considerable level. The first agricultural film was manufactured in the late 1930's using polyethylene polymer, and now it has a significant role to play in the future of the agricultural industry. The government of various countries is supporting the use and production of agricultural films by providing financial assistance and raising awareness among the farmers.

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