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Regenerative Braking System: An Emerging Solution to GHG Emission & Fuel Consumption

Feb 22, 2018 5:16:28 AM / by BIS Research posted in regenerative braking system, automotive RBS market, automotive regenerative braking system, Automotive, RBS products, regenerative brakes forecast, regenerative brakes market, regenerative braking forecast, regenerative braking products, regenerative braking system market, regenerative braking trends


Increasing demand for fuel efficient vehicles, effort of mitigation of carbon emissions and rising cost of fuels are some of the main factors that led the automakers to move towards the energy efficient systems. As a result of such needs, an emerging technology, regenerative braking system(RBS), is evolving in the automotive industry and attaining a significant growth on a global scale. According to the report by BIS Automotive titled ‘Global Automotive Regenerative Braking System Market-Analysis & Forecast (2017-2026), the global regenerative braking market is expected to reach a volume of 16.7 million units by 2026. The RBS market is driven by the stringent government rules & regulations, growing adoption of RBS in electric & hybrid vehicles, and extensive usage of RBS to improve vehicle performance. Further, the growing demand of Electric Vehicles (EV) is also going to escalate the growth of RBS in the forthcoming years.

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