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Automated Guided Vehicles Market To Rise High As More Companies Lean Towards Factory Automation

Mar 1, 2017 10:11:42 AM / by BIS Research posted in Robotics & UAV, AGV, AGV Market, AGV Market Analysis, AGV Market Study, AGV Market Outlook, Automated Guided Vehicle Market, Automated Guided Vehicle Market Growth, Automated Guided Vehicle Market Research, Automated Guided Vehicle Market Trends, Global AGV Market, Global AGV Market Size, Global Automated Guided Vehicle Market, Global Automated Guided Vehicle Market Forecast, Global Automated Guided Vehicle Market Report, Global Automated Guided Vehicle Market Survey


With the rise in globalization and modernization, change in every aspect of life is visible, whether it is household, professional or industrial sector. The industrial sector has developed rapidly with the onslaught of latest technology and has adopted the same to suit its purpose. Industrial Revolution was a great transition in manufacturing process, cottage industries were replaced by big mechanical and chemical factories. Now is the time of another industrial revolution wherein mechanical work is being automated by installing automated guided vehicles in the factories. Automated guided vehicles are a part of the industrial robotics technology and are used for factory automation and they cover a wide variety of application.

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