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Automotive Aftermarket: A Diverse Industry With A High Growth Potential

Mar 3, 2017 5:59:25 AM / by BIS Research posted in Automotive Aftermarket, Automotive Aftermarket Study, Automotive Market, Automotive, Automotive Aftermarket Analysis, Automotive Aftermarket Research, Automotive Aftermarket Survey, Automotive Aftermarket Trends, Global Automotive Aftermarket, Global Automotive Aftermarket Forecast, Global Automotive Aftermarket Report, market research report


The automobile industry has been evolving since its inception in the 19th century Europe. A great many transitions have taken place since then and the industry continues to evolve. One of the necessities that arose from the evolution of automobile industry was its aftermarket. The automotive aftermarket industry has thrived for long and continues to grow in proportion with the automobile industry. North America has dominated the automotive industry in the first half of the 20th century and the latter half was dominated by Western Europe and Japan which became mass producers and major exporters of automobiles.

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