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Energy Efficient Glass Market to Gain Pace from Impending Energy Crisis in the World

Nov 28, 2017 9:30:13 AM / by BIS Research posted in Energy Efficient Glass Market, Energy Efficient Glass Market Research, Advanced Materials & Chemicals, Energy Efficient Glass Market Forecast, Energy Efficient Glass Market Trends, Global Energy Efficient Glass Market, Global Energy Efficient Glass Market Analysis, Global Energy Efficient Glass Market Report


The concept of sustainable development has gained immense importance, especially at the current time when the world is moving rapidly towards the development of smart cities across different countries. Architects and designers came up with the concept of ‘net zero energy' buildings in the last century, and since then, many buildings have been erected on this concept. For instance, in the 1960s, St George's School in Wallasey, UK, was designed in such a manner that eliminated the need for external heating requirements in the school. One of the key points in this architecture was the use of a kind of glass which prevented the building to lose any heat and captured free solar heat gains.

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