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Solid Waste Management: Rise In Solid Waste Poses A Threat To The Rising Population

Feb 28, 2017 9:25:34 AM / by BIS Research posted in Waste Management & Envir Tech, Waste Management Market, Waste Management Market Survey, Global Solid Waste Management Market Forecast, Global Solid Waste Management Market, Global Solid Waste Management Market Report, Waste Management Market Analysis, Waste Management Market Study, Solid Waste Management Market, Solid Waste Management Market Research, Solid Waste Management Market Size, Solid Waste Management Market Trends


As the urban population is growing, the area for disposal of solid waste is decreasing proportionally. Moving the disposal site away from the cities, to small towns and villages, is not a pragmatic solution to the improper waste management. Solid wastes are a threat to environment as well as humankind. It leads to air, land and water pollution, including ground-water pollution. There have been epidemics in several countries due to outbreak of diseases from improper solid waste collection. Hence, solid waste management comes to the fore as the only solution to the problem of improper waste collection.

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