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One Step Closer To The Invisibility Cloak: Metamaterials To Revolutionize The Technological World

Mar 7, 2017 1:05:53 AM / by BIS Research posted in Metamaterial Market, Metamaterial Market Forecast, Metamaterials Market Research, Advanced Materials & Chemicals, Global Metamaterial Market, Global Metamaterials Market Report, Global Metamaterial Market Analysis, Global Metamaterials Market, Global Metamaterials Market Survey, Metamaterial, Metamaterial Market Size, Metamaterial Market Study, Metamaterials Market, Metamaterials Market Growth, Metamaterials Market Trends


Ever imagined what would it be like if Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak was real, or even remotely possible? Invisibility is one of the magic wishes, which almost every mankind has secretly desired. However, we have only been able to materialise this in works of science fiction or fantasy films like Star Trek, Harry Potter or Marvel comic movies. But with the advent of metamaterials in the technological world, this figment of fiction became a possibility. Metamaterials are dynamic composite materials whose inherent properties are enhanced by their geometrical arrangements and are artificially structured to manipulate physical phenomenon like light, sound and others.

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