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Unmanned Ground Vehicle To Help Beef Up The Defense System Across The Globe

Apr 6, 2017 7:55:35 AM / by BIS Research posted in Global Unmanned Ground Vehicle Market Report, Robotics & UAV, Global UGV Market, Global UGV Market Analysis, Global Unmanned Ground Vehicle Market, UGV, UGV Market, UGV Market Forecast, Unmanned Ground Vehicle Market, Unmanned Ground Vehicle Market Research


Automation has taken the wold by a storm, from commercial industries to defense system, every sphere of life is witnessing a huge investment in automation process. Industrial automation is on a gradual rise with increasing demand for cutting labor cost among manufacturers, which helps in increasing efficiency and production. But beside the application in manufacturing and services sector, a major share of automation technology is used by defense sector. Armed forces and law enforcement agencies are utilising automated vehicles for a wide spectrum of tasks, ranging from explosive handling to terrain mapping. However, the most important reason for the use of unmanned ground vehicles is to reduce the casualty rate in course of dangerous encounters.

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