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A Bold Step by Chinese Scientist; Boon or Bane for CRISPR Technology?

Dec 5, 2018 5:01:57 AM / by BIS Research posted in crispr technology, CRISPR Technology Market, CRISPR Technology Market share, what is crispr technology, applications of crispr technology, crispr cas technology, crispr cas9 technology, crispr gene technology, crispr news, crispr technology companies, CRISPR Technology Market forecast, CRISPR Technology Market report, CRISPR Technology Market trends, CRISPR Technology Market value, CRISPR Technology Marketresearch, Global CRISPR Technology Market, Healthcare & Medical


Written by BIS Research Analysts Chanda ManuKoushik and Sanya Behl

Chinese have always been at the forefront to go ahead and unleash the complete potential of the genome editing technologies. Recently, in November 2018, a Chinese scientist, He Jiankui’s claim has perplexed the entire scientific community. With his claim to be the first one to edit viable human embryos genetically, He Jiankui has conveyed his reluctance toward following ethical code and conduct. He aims to eliminate the risk of HIV infection in the babies, using gene editing technologies. Despite the aim being noble, the methodology involves several potential risks.

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