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Pharmacovigilance Gaining Momentum As Emerging Markets Acknowledge Its Importance

Apr 18, 2017 6:05:32 AM / by BIS Research posted in Pharmacovigilance Market, Pharmacovigilance Market Research, Global Pharmacovigilance Market Report, Healthcare & Medical, Global Pharmacovigilance Market, Global PV Market, Global PV Market Analysis, PV, PV Market, PV Market Forecast


Prescription drugs come with a note of certain side effects that they can cause and thus, these drugs are never declared as safest in any circumstances. Side effects of the drugs may result in hospitalization, life-threats, disability, and death among others. Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) has become prevalent nowadays, with 10-20% patients suffer from serious ADRs in hospitals, and these ADRs contribute to 5-10% of the hospital costs. Therefore, keeping an evaluation of these adverse effects and monitoring those gains utmost importance in healthcare industry.

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