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What Brexit Holds For Vapers

Feb 9, 2017 6:06:12 AM / by BIS Research posted in E-cigarette Vape Shop Aftermarket Trends, E-cigarette Vape Shop Market Study, Europe E-cigarette Aftermarket Research, E-cigarette Aftermarket Report, Electronic Cigarette, Europe E-cigarette Aftermarket Forecast, Europe E-cigarette Vape Shop Market Analysis


E-cigarettes have gained popularity recently and expeditiously, as these are increasingly being used as smoking cessation products. These devices are being marketed as a product which helps to quit the habit of smoking tobacco. When the e-cigarette market gained momentum, Europe lagged behind North America, in terms of product adoption, however, the region is expected to emerge as the global leader in terms of revenue generation. Among the European Union, Britain is switching to e-cigarettes much faster than other EU nations. While the sale of nicotine replacement products has been falling in Europe by over 6% per year since 2014, e-cigarette sales have been growing at double digit rates. The market now has the presence of both leading Big Tobacco players and several small local players leading the revenue generation. As a result, myriad of business opportunities have surfaced in the e-cigarette industry, vape shops being one of them.

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