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Teleradiology Services Market is Projected to Reach $9.46 billion by 2026

Feb 24, 2019 11:34:04 PM / by BIS Research posted in Radiology Information System Market, Teleradiology Market, Teleradiology Report, Teleradiology Services Industry, Teleradiology Services Market, Teleradiology Services Market by Application, Teleradiology Services Market by Region, Teleradiology Services Market by Technology, Teleradiology Services Market Forecast, Teleradiology Services Market Growth, Teleradiology Services Market Share, Teleradiology Services Market trends, Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging, Healthcare & Medical, RIS Industry, RIS Market, RIS Report, Teleradiology Services Market by End User, Teleradiology Services Market by Imaging Modality, Teleradiology Services Report

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Teleradiology is a technology that enables sharing of radiological images, such as X-rays, CTs, and MRIs of patients with, as well as amongst radiologists placed in different parts of the world for examinations. This technology enables initiating the treatment procedure of a patient, who otherwise has no access to a radiologist, without delay. Its benefits include reduced cost, expertise, and accurate examination of a radiological image. The concept of telemedicine was introduced nearly 50 years ago. The  generation of data each year, ever since, has posed an enormous task in front of healthcare organizations as it is challenging to manage, access, analyze, and interpret such a large volume of data. During the 1970s, the concept of telemedicine started gaining attention. However, the teleradiology segment started achieving commercial viability only during the 1980s.

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