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Escalating Demand for Organic Foods a Stimulus for the Biorational Market

Jul 1, 2017 9:30:18 AM / by BIS Research posted in Biorational Product Market Research, Agriculture & Food Tech, Biorational Market, Biorational Product Market, Biorational Product Market Analysis, Global Biorational Market, Global Biorational Product Market, Global Biorational Product Market Report, Global Biorational Product Market Forecast


Concerns about food sufficiency have been around for quite a long time now, and this has reverberated the need for crop and plant safety. Every year, weeds and pests affect the crops and result in a huge amount of loss of crops, accounting for 20-40% of the agricultural productivity in the past. To tackle this loss of crops and meet the demand of food globally, companies have invented biorational products, which assist in maintaining the quality, increasing the productivity and sustainability in agricultural production systems, disease vector management in public health systems, and in other industrial and residential areas.

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