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And the word of the year is VAPE!

Nov 19, 2014 8:02:30 AM / by yash posted in e vapor, eliquid, e-cigarette, electronic cigarette, nicotine patch, us e cigarette, Market Research Report, smoking cessation, uk e cigarette, vape


As per the official announcement from the Oxford Dictionaries, Vape is the word of the year 2014. We tried to understand the popularity of alternate word for electronic cigarette and have the following results through the Google Trends.

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Oct 29, 2014 11:52:27 PM / by yash posted in e vapor, market size, WHO, e-cigarette, electronic cigarette, market reserach, UK E cigarette market, vaporiser, Market Research Report


As a functionary body of the United Nations, the World Health Organization (WHO) exerts substantial influence in the making of health and medical policies across the globe. In that context, its vehement rejection of electronic cigarettes as “devices [which] pose threats to public health” comes as a surprise. An electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) or electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) is a battery operated device which simulates the experience of tobacco smoking without the inhalation of smoke. This device which is being reckoned as an alternative of conventional cigarettes emits vaporized nicotine which is inhaled by the user. The WHO’s outlook could prompt policymakers to ignore the possible health benefits of e-cigarettes in favor of stiffer regulations such as bans on indoor use, marketing, and sales to minors. The Organization has also expressed its fears about the rising concentration of the electronic cigarette market in the hands of the Big Tobacco. It is also alarmed by the rising popularity of these devices amongst teenagers.

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