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AIP Systems to Transform the Future of Conventional Submarines

Aug 17, 2017 5:55:52 AM / by BIS Research posted in BIS Research, AIP System, AIP systems for submarines, Aerospace defense, AIP technology, air-independent propulsion system, Submarines Air-Independent, Submarines Market, Submarines Propulsion Systems Market, Submarines Propulsion Systems


The modern non-nuclear submarines are more covert than the nuclear ones because of air-independent propulsion systems which are noiseless and help in avoiding detectable noises. Non-nuclear submarines can be virtually silent and easily maneuverable, and this is highly effective for coastal operations and pose a threat to nuclear submarines. The naval sector has researched extensively to increase the underwater endurance of diesel-electric submarines, and the solution to this predicament is in the form of an efficient air-independent propulsion system. This propulsion system helps submarines to remain submerged for a longer duration, without the need for oxygen to recharge the batteries.

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