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Asia-Pacific is Expected to Dominate the Portable Imaging Solutions Market till 2028

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Portable imaging solutions are compact devices that can be moved to different locations for diagnostic services. Diagnostic imaging procedures are conducted on more than 75% of the medical cases. It is further expected that the market will increase as a number of technological advancements occurring in the field of imaging solutions and radiology. This will enable in providing detailed and informative diagnosis about the problems being faced by the patients to both patients and care providers.

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Cancer Imaging Systems: The Future of Cancer Diagnostics and Treatments

Oct 5, 2017 9:38:01 PM / by BIS Research posted in Cancer imaging systems market, Cancer imaging systems market Analysis, Cancer imaging systems market report, Cancer imaging systems market size, Diagnostic Imaging Market, Global Cancer Imaging Systems Market, Healthcare & Medical, Medical Imaging Market


Cancer has been the second leading cause of death worldwide and was responsible for 8.8 million deaths in the year 2015 according to the World Health Organization. Approximately 70% of death from cancer occur in low and middle-income countries, the reason being lack of required healthcare technology and systems in these countries. According to the American Cancer Society, the total number of cancer incidence is expected to reach 21.7 million by 2030, and the number of cancer deaths will reach 13 million due to the growth and aging of the population. The future will have a tremendous increase in the cancer cases, increasing the burden because of the adoption of a modern lifestyle such as smoking, poor diet, physical inactivity, and fewer childbirths, in economically developing countries.

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