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Rising Popularity of Soybean Products Directly Influencing the Global Isoflavones Market

Aug 9, 2017 5:39:12 AM / by BIS Research posted in Agriculture & Food Tech, Isoflavones, Isoflavones chickpea, isoflavones estrogen, isoflavones health benefits, Global Isoflavones Market, isoflavone, isoflavones and estrogen, Isoflavones market, Isoflavones red clover, Isoflavones sources, Isoflavones soybeans, soy isoflavones benefits


Global health index is on a decline, and one of the several health related issues is protein malnutrition which has expanded to a global scale. People are now looking for an alternative protein supplement than the conventional meat, especially with the rising trends of vegetarianism and veganism. Soybean is considered to be a rich source of isoflavone, which has numerous health benefits. New studies over the last few years have come up with amazing discoveries regarding this component, such as it aids with sleep, and show bone health benefits for older women.

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