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LED Grow Lights to Boost the Future of Modern Agriculture

Oct 16, 2017 6:20:54 AM / by BIS Research posted in Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights, grow lights forecast, grow lights industry, grow lights market, grow lights trends, Partial Spectrum LED Grow Lights, plant lights forecast, plant lights industry, plant lights market, plant lights trends, Agriculture & Food Tech, LED plant lights forecast, LED grow lights market, LED plant lights industry, LED plant lights market, LED plant lights trends


The inception of vertical farming in the midst of increasing food safety concerns and food crisis was a revolutionary invention. Now with the addition of latest Led grow light technology, this revolution has gained pace and the world is getting ready to tackle the problems thrown by environmental degradation. The ever-increasing population puts an immense pressure on a nation to fulfill the food demand and achieve food sufficiency. The rate at which the population is rising has raised a concern worldwide since many countries are still a victim of famine and malnutrition. According to the United Nations (UN), the world population will grow by about 2.5 billion by the year 2050, and 80% of this population will live in cities, which is a staggeringly high number.

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