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Consumer Market Driving the Demand for Nano Drones

Jul 7, 2017 12:14:53 PM / by BIS Research posted in Nano Drone Products Market, Nano Drone Products Market Analysis, Robotics & UAV, Global Nano Drones Market, Global Nano Drones Market Report, Nano Drone End Market, Nano Drones Market, Nano Drones Market Research, Small Drones Market


The global drone industry has been thriving over the last decade and its application has expanded over a large number of end-applications across various industries. Huge benefits have been registered with the introduction of drones in the defense, commercial, and consumer sectors. In the commercial sector, drones are being used for inspection, site monitoring and construction activities, in addition to this, consumers are using drones for recreational activities such as photography. Technological advancement has helped in the widespread adoption of drones across various industries, and with this advancement, an inevitable need for miniaturization of this technology has emerged. Thus, nano drones have come into existence.

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