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A Worldwide Network Of Farming, Thanks To Internet Of Things In Agriculture

Mar 9, 2017 8:58:40 AM / by BIS Research posted in ICT in Agriculture, Internet of Things in Agriculture, IoT in Agriculture Market, Agriculture & Food Tech, Agriculture Internet of Things Technology Market, Data Management in Agriculture, IoT in Agriculture Market Research, IoT technologies in Agriculture, Global IoT in Agriculture Market, Global IoT in Agriculture Market Report


The term ‘agricultural technology’ has been in use for long and encompasses many aspects of use of technology in agriculture. But never has it been more necessary to combine the two than at present. The boom in population and depletion of arable land has left the governments and people distraught. There has been an increase in the food demand owing to rising population and poverty. Agricultural technology has been instrumental in increasing the efficiency, profitability and productivity in agriculture. With the introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) in agriculture, the face of agricultural industry will change drastically, as it helps in connecting the agricultural planning and operations.

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