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With The Expected Surge In Global Autonomous Vehicle Market, The Autonomous Dream Is Nigh

Mar 7, 2017 6:25:17 AM / by BIS Research posted in Commercial Vehicles Market, ADAS Market Size by Commercial Vehicles Market, ADAS Vehicle Market, Autonomous Vehicle Market Penetration, APAC Autonomous Vehicle Market, Asia-Pacific Autonomous Vehicle Market, Automotive, Autonomous Vehicle, Autonomous Vehicle Market, Global Autonomous Vehicle Market


The automobile industry is one of the most thriving industries in the world. With rising disposable income and desire for a comfortable life, the automobile sales have shot up drastically in the last two years. Though the automotive industry faced a little depression in 2014, wherein sales of vehicles was less than expected, it has carved an upward trajectory post the depression. With high sales of vehicles and higher demands of luxury and comfort, the automobile industry is venturing into the future of automobiles, which require little human intervention. These vehicles are being called the Autonomous Vehicles. It seemed to be a long haul before we could see the autonomous vehicles on the road, but the interest of big players from the automotive market in this sector has brought the distant future closer to us.

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