Webinar: Farm Management Software: Enabling a Trusted Supply Chain

Farm management software and analytics have garnered the attention of various stakeholders amongst different farming types such as precision crop farming, livestock farming, indoor farming, and aquaculture. Catering to precision crop farming, the wide range of use cases found under this farming type for agricultural software solutions is driving the growth. Small and medium scale farmers are increasingly adopting precision crop farming to improve the profitability of their farms.

The primary use cases for precision crop farming include yield monitoring and farm mapping, weather tracking, crop scouting, forecasting, irrigation management, and farm economics.

Farm management software provides farmers and other crop and livestock owners a way to operate and manage their farms efficiently. This software is widely used in the management, planning, and scheduling of farming operations. It also allows farmers to record planned and ongoing activities, resource consumption, and costs used for each activity in the company. It helps farmers make the most out of their crop, from the moment it is planted to the time it gets to the marketplace.

To understand the farm management software market, BIS Research has developed a report titled, Farm Management Software and Data Analytics Market. The report provides market analysis for the period 2021-2026. It also provides qualitative insights on emerging solutions related to farm management software and data analytics.

To understand the key issues impacting the farming sector and discuss the technologies associated with farm management software, join the webinar on ‘Farm Management Software: Enabling a Trusted Supply Chain on Wednesday, December 8, 2021, at 5:30 PM CET / 11:30 AM EST. The guest speakers associated with the webinar are Matija Zulj, Chief Executive Officer at AGRIVI, and Om Routray, Vice President - Marketing, SourceTrace. 

Key points to be discussed in the webinar:

  • Key issues impacting the farming sector
  • Discussion regarding farm management software (and associated technologies) as a solution
  • Learn about use cases of farm management software- deep dive
  • Understand the global implementation of FMS & Data Analytics - Adoption Scenario
  • Discuss the future outlook (opportunities and recent developments in the industry)

Who should attend the webinar?

This event will be attended by key stakeholders across the agriculture and food industry such as agriculture OEMs, agri-tech companies, start-ups, investors, regulatory bodies, educational and research institutions across the globe. The goal of this webinar is to bring together bright minds to share thoughts that are idea-focused, to foster learning, inspiration and provoke conversations that matter.

Speaker Profiles:

Matija Zulj: Chief Executive Officer at AGRIVI

Matija Zulj is presently leading to the growth of AGRIVI. AGRIVI is the most successful enterprise farm management startup in the global market. AGRIVI helps Fortune 1000 companies involved in producing nutritious, healthy, and sustainably grown food by digitalizing their crop production and agriculture supply chains.

Matija advocates for sustainable food systems, novel food business models, future of food, digitalization of the agri-food industry, startup eco-systems of agri and food tech, artificial intelligence in agriculture, and entrepreneurship and motivation through his thought leadership activities.

In the past, Matija has been associated with the corporate ICT world for seven years. However, due to his passion for seeking food traceability solutions, he eventually ventured into developing enterprise farm management software AGRIVI.

Over the years, he has participated as a keynote speaker at major global conferences, corporate events, EU parliament, UN FAO events, and universities.

As a part of social responsibility activities, Matija serves as a:

  • Faculty Council Member for the International Digital Agriculture Study at University of Osijek
  • Advisory Board Member at European Carbon Farmers
  • Mentor at Women in Food and Agriculture, where he supports young female talents in achieving their personal growth.

Matija founded MBA Croatia Association in 2009 that focused on promoting ethical business, lifelong learning, and sustainability. Presently, MBA Croatia is the largest business network in the Adriatic region.

Om Routray: Vice President - Marketing, SourceTrace

Om Routray currently leads Global Marketing in SourceTrace Systems. He has a keen interest in and is passionate about bringing forth the social capital that technology can build.

Om has 14 years of experience in community building, digital marketing, and knowledge creation.

In his previous role, Om set up the agritech initiative at NASSCOM and led it for two years, building alliances and exploring global opportunities for the Indian agritech sector. He has worked with central and state governments and domestic and foreign stakeholders to increase the technology adoption by farmers in India.

Om is known to be a thought leader in the sector and is interested in continuing his work on improving food, traceability, and sustainability. He has also been featured on ET Now’s Leaders of Tomorrow show.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity and register for the webinar Farm Management Software: Enabling a Trusted Supply Chain’ on Wednesday, December 8, 2021, at 5:30 PM CET / 11:30 AM EST.

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