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Video Surveillance Market on a Steady Rise

Oct 8, 2015 5:01:52 AM / by BIS Research

The Video Surveillance system is gradually turning into a major business enterprise; and moreover, is anticipated to get considerably bigger in the coming years. With security professionals and business owners vying to provide safety and security to their clients and employed staff, the technological upside of surveillance is becoming a primary cause for the promising rise in the frequency of its installations across the globe. Government agencies, institutional organizations and privately-owned corporations engaging in an extensive usage of surveillance cameras, further, the use of video cameras in private investigations is on an upswing as well. Internet-based and digital technologies have made it easier and cheaper to set and maintain surveillance systems in numerous institutions and organizations.

Traditional surveillance systems are not competitive with respect to capabilities of flexibility and scalability, and ultimately results in increasing the overall cost of the systems. Moreover, the capacity of conventional storage devices is lesser as compared to the IP surveillance systems.  These systems eliminate the problem of flexibility and scalability due to their compatibility with the existing infrastructure of the companies. In addition to this, the storage capacity of the cloud based solutions currently used in IP surveillance systems is comparatively high. IP surveillance system delivers system intelligence facility with the help of video analytics and video management software.

The video surveillance market is experiencing a significant period of growth as organizations are attempting to reap the benefits offered by video analytics, object recognition, and other ‘intelligent’ features. From banking to transportation, retail, homeland security, and critical infrastructure, many organizations can greatly benefit from these systems.  IP Video Surveillance systems can rightly prove to be a powerful tool in preventing or investigating crimes when installed in locations such as shopping centers, parks, banks, airports and various public transport locations.

Furthermore, as the video surveillance industry steps into the year 2015 with a huge potential for high rate of growth,   industry trends indicate that the market will only continue to further flourish—while constantly introducing new and improved ways to help ensure the safety and security of people and organizations/ establishments around the world.

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