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Skin Microbiome: Bolstering Host Immunity

Aug 21, 2019 5:17:28 AM / by BIS Research


Since 2011, there has been an increasing interest among the healthcare community in understanding the effects established by a microbiome upon a host. The key role of skin microbiome in human physiology, spanning from intestinal to brain activities, and direct influence upon several molecular pathways, has driven significant research and advancements.

The skin microbiome is dotted with a rich microbial population that regulates several major pathways. Further studies have also indicated that each individual has a unique and specific signature of skin microbiota, which is encountered during infancy and stabilized during adulthood. While the resident microbiota is long lasting, an individual experiences several instances of transient microbiota with each new change in environment.

A tight relationship within this symbiosis controls pathogen recognition, barrier function, and host immune response, among others. The ability of innate immune cells, macrophages, dendritic cells, and natural killer cells to communicate with epithelial cells on the skin, leading to an effective immune response, is a key feature of the cutaneous immune system.

Tapping into the skin microbiome offers immense possibilities to understand and develop optimal treatment modalities for a vast gamut of skin conditions. With the evidence of how dysbiosis can influence host immunity, several regenerative pathways for the skin can be unraveled to further advance the scope of treating skin disorders. Another major future direction can be the comprehension of the impact of “mycobiome” or fungal microbiome on the host and the manner in which it affects skin conditions.

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