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SiGe Technology Enhancing Device Performance in Diverse End Markets

Apr 9, 2018 10:44:24 PM / by BIS Research

Owing to the various restrictions on the use of conventional silicon-based semiconductor materials. Researchers are developing Silicon Germanium (SiGe) technology to overcome the shortcomings of existing silicon-based devices. According to the market intelligence report by BIS Research titled, ‘Global Silicon Germanium Materials and Devices Market-Analysis and Forecast (2017-2021)’, the market is expected to reach $5.1 billion by 2021. Further, the market is expected to register CAGR of 13.7% from 2016-2021. This significant growth is due to the increasing bandwidth requirements, growing penetration of wireless infrastructure, and expansion in the automotive radar systems and advanced electronic devices. Silicon-based integrated machines are used extensively in the electronics industry. These devices cater to wide range of applications such as emerging wireless communications, signal processing, and sensors and radar systems.

In Silicon Germanium Technology, little quantity of germanium is added to silicon substrates at the atomic scale to boost the performance of semiconductor, significantly. The silicon germanium material and devices consist of wide range of material types such as source material, substrates and epitaxial wafers, and devices such as wireless devices and radio frequency (RF). Moreover, the incorporation of SiGe technology can enhance the device performance in various ways such as it leads to a reduction in noise and size, high yield and durability, and temperature resistance. Owing to the multifunction, cost-effective and advanced features of SiGe materials, these are used in diverse end markets. The different end markets include telecommunications, computers, consumer electronics, aerospace, automotive and military, among others.

Various highly customized and cost-effective semiconductor materials such as silicon germanium, indium phosphide, gallium arsenide, and gallium nitride hold a prominent share in the market for SiGe technology. The vast share of these materials in the market is due to the requirement for massive data transfer, high applicability in wireless communication systems, and rising demands from the automotive sector. The market for SiGe technology is expected to reach on a niche level during the forecast period owing to the increase in the internet traffic required for high bandwidth functionality, increasing smartphone adoption, and rising demands of advanced radio frequencies devices in various industries.

Over the last decade, there has been development in the performance of SiGe based Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (HBTS) technology along with the mainstream bipolar complementary mixed oxide semiconductor(BiCMOS) process, has resulted in the expansion of SiGe applications in the RF domain.  Further, development of the SiGe technology such as the expansion of bandwidth, high-frequency applications, and thermoelectric capabilities are expected to escalate the market for this technology. Moreover, high competition from III-V semiconductors acts as an inhibitor for the growth of the market of SiGe devices and materials.

BIS Research has conducted extensive research on the global silicon germanium materials and devices market and compiled the observation and insight in this report. The market intelligence report aims at providing an in-depth analysis of the key development strategies, marketing strategies and market trend dynamics which include drivers, restraints, and opportunities prevailing in the industry.

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