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Safeguarding Europe E liquid market

Aug 3, 2015, 12:40:53 AM / by BIS Research

The European e-liquid market has been in the hold of EU’s Tobacco Product Directives (TPD) for the past 14 years. Increasing number of deaths and deteriorating public health in EU due to escalating tobacco intake added up to an impending need for a proper regulation of tobacco products and introducing TPD. Last year, European Union made way for a much needed revision of the TPD, which focused on adequate convergence of the European e-cigarette and consequently, the e-liquid market. It regulated and effectively restricted the e-cigarette pack size, nicotine content in the e-liquid, its packaging, advertising, and distribution of the device.

The European Union consists of 28 member states. Germany and the U.K., being a part of it, are the biggest markets for tobacco products, followed by France and Italy. In the U.K., Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is responsible for protecting the U.K. citizens from unsafe consumption of medicines and medical devices. A number of companies are launching their products and gaining a strong foothold in the e-liquid market. Italy continues to be one of the leading players in e-liquid manufacturing. French e-cigarette manufacturers, suppliers and distributors have joined the French National Agency for Standardization (AFNOR) in order to formulate regulatory standards for e-cigarettes and e-liquid due to growing consumer concerns about health and safety.

Even though these country-specific organizations are trying their best to regulate this market, the whip will still be in the hands of the TPD. However, the implementation of the directive is still pending and it has already started attracting opposition from industry players in the U.K, such as Totally Wicked, who are fiercely challenging the reformed regulations being undertaken by the European Union.

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