Opportunity to Learn About the Future of the Space In-Orbit Refueling Market from the Industry Leaders

With the global space economy expanding exponentially over the last few decades, the number of satellites, and space debris, is expected to grow significantly. Considering the increasing quantity and quality of space missions, engineers have acknowledged the need to maintain sustainable space missions by encouraging new techniques of resource re-utilization.

Due to the restrictions on the number of fuel satellites could carry into space, most spacecraft had been built for single-use applications. However, satellite operators have always focused on reusable and refillable technologies for space in-orbit services such as satellite manufacturing and assembly, refueling, inspection, maintenance, and deorbiting.

Although the idea of in-orbit satellite refueling has been around for a while, it took a time before these services became widely available for purchase.

Many businesses and start-ups have recently devised initiatives to create workable and affordable solutions for commercializing satellite services. Numerous specialists and demonstrations have confirmed these services' dependability and viability, which is anticipated to fuel rapid global expansion for the entire in-orbit servicing industry.

To expand this knowledge, the aerospace and defense research team of BIS Research is conducting a webinar on 26th October 2022, in which the discussion will revolve around in-orbit refueling technology and emerging growth opportunities in the in-orbit refueling industry.

All the required information is as provided:


In-orbit Refueling: In-Space Economy and Emerging Growth Opportunity

Objective: The webinar will be packed with insightful knowledge-sharing and thought leaders' input on emerging space in-orbit refueling technology and its effect on connected market segments.

The following significant topics will be tackled at the session:

• Key market developments in the in-space economy
• Aspects of the space economy, importance of in-orbit refueling, non-cooperative vs. cooperative missions, and deep space missions vs. Earth orbit missions
• Risks and obstacles, docking systems, refueling ports, situational awareness, and manufacturing standards

Speakers: The notable panelists for this webinar on space in-orbit refueling technology will be:

Daniel Faber- His first business, which he started as a serial entrepreneur, created a special mining instrumentation technology. He then worked on nuclear fusion reactors and broadband communications for Antarctica.

As the CEO of Deep Space Industries, Daniel successfully commercialised the first water-based satellite thruster and altered public conceptions of asteroid mining. He also received funding from venture capitalists and foreign governments. In order to establish a thriving in-space economy where goods and services are produced there for use both there and on Earth, Daniel founded Orbit Fab.

The company makes satellites reusable, enhancing current space business models and opening up new businesses like space tourism, manufacturing, and mining by providing the space propellant supply chain.

AMY GRACIA -At BIS Research, Amy works as a Team Lead in the aerospace & defense vertical. She has been working on giving important industry insights on cutting-edge deep-tech topics for both the space and aviation sectors for more than five years.

NILOPAL OJHA- Nilopal works as a Team Lead at BIS Research's aerospace & defense division. He has seven years of experience working in the aerospace, military electronics, defense, and security verticals. Being passionate about the NewSpace ecosystem, he has been keeping an eye on the entire space domain and providing market insights to players in the public and private sectors.

ARUN KUMAR SAMPATHKUMAR- Arun works as a Principal Analyst with BIS Research's aerospace & defense division. He has more than eight years of experience working in the aerospace, defense, and security verticals and holds an MBA. He has been following the NewSpace markets, providing market insights to government and corporate stakeholders.

For more details and registration, visit the Sign up page. Register for the event today and avoid missing out on this opportunity to learn about the future of space in-orbit refueling technology.

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