Inside the Industry: Implications of COVID-19 on Medical Imaging & Intraoperative Imaging Market

COVID-19 on Medical Imaging & Intraoperative Imaging Market

Recent research studies have observed that intraoperative MRI in operating rooms helps in improving the overall health of the patient as it reduces the resection rate along with the required stay time in the hospital. Intra-operative imaging is a modern tool that provides high-resolution real-time images that enhance the overall monitoring at the time of the surgical procedure. Today, several hospitals and institutions are opting for the updated intraoperative imaging systems to reduce the cost of surgery. 

Further, due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus, several governments have given a directive to the hospitals to postpone all elective surgeries and non-critical medical procedures. Along with these, the government has also requested hospitals to put a hold on radiology diagnostics tests and regular health check-ups that do not require immediate attention, to a large extent. 

Owing to the COVID-19, the medical imaging market has witnessed growing incorporation of imaging devices for diagnosis, treatment monitoring, and surgical intervention along with increasing geriatric population and prevalence of chronic diseases.

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As per a study conducted by the European Society of Radiology (ESR), the average waiting time pertaining to imaging of rheumatology outpatients in the U.K., in 2016, was around 306 days in case of an MRI scan and approximately 89 days for a CT scan.  

This signifies that the healthcare community is already under pressure to reduce waiting times associated with diagnostic radiology,  and the COVID-19 scenario has further aggravated the weight. 

Therefore, it is expected that the healthcare community across the world would be forced to increase their capacity for diagnostic radiology exams. Further, it is observed that the key players of global medical imaging market, such as GE Healthcare, have already taken the necessary steps to deal with the expected increase in demand.

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