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BIS Research Market Insights – Quick Bytes #9

Based on the weekly analysis, here are some of the emerging technologies that are witnessing huge growth potential and opportunities worldwide

  1. Global Minimally Invasive Neurosurgical Systems Market :- Within the global market for minimally invasive neurosurgical systems, B. Braun Group, which deals in neuroendoscopy systems and neuromicroscopy systems, holds the maximum market share of 14.5% during the forecast period. Unlock the competitive landscape of this emerging tech with the BIS Research market intelligence report. [Access Report]
     Minimally Invasive Neurosurgical Systems Market
  1. Active Space Debris Removal Market :-Out of all the ways to remove space debris, the robotic arm removal technique is found to be the most effective way to capture the orbital debris at present and is expected to grow over the years as this provides a better solution compared to nets, tethers, or harpoons lasers. Gather more info in our exclusive research report. [Access Report]

Active Space Debris Removal Market

  1. Global Autoimmune Disorder Drug Delivery Devices Market :- In 2019, Amgen Inc. registered a market share of 22.74% and emerged as a leading contributor to the global market for autoimmune disorder drug delivery devices. Unlock the entire competitive landscape in our detailed analysis. [Access Report]

    Autoimmune Disorder Drug Delivery Devices Market
  1. Lidar Market :- Factors such as the presence of major lidar manufacturers and automakers such as General Motors, Velodyne Lidar, Inc., and Quanergy, as well as high technological advancements in the country account for the high growth rate and major share of the U.S. in the Lidar market. Explore more details in our research report. [Access Report]
    Lidar Market
  1. Global Military Robotic and Autonomous (RAS) Systems Market :- The unmanned aircraft systems segment currently holds the largest market share due to the large number of procurement orders and ongoing programs running across leading countries such as the U.S., the U.K., Russia, China, India, Saudi Arabia, and Germany. Discover detailed market segmentation in our detailed analysis. [Access Report]

    Military Robotic and Autonomous (RAS) Systems Market