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BIS Research Market Insights – Quick Bytes #7

Based on the weekly analysis, here are some of the emerging technologies that are witnessing huge growth potential and opportunities worldwide  

Webinar: Advances in UAV Communications
Uncover the rising popularity of UAV communications and the future opportunities for stakeholders in the UAV commercial industry in our upcoming webinar on 17th December from 10:30 AM PST. [Read Blog]

Advances in UAV Communications1
Jargon of the Day: Graphic Information System

Despite being an emerging tech, GIS has helped scientists unlock solutions to some of the most critical problems faced by humanity.

Jargon of the Day2

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"The dream of space tourism is advancing toward reality with reusable space capsules that are being launched with the help of reusable launch systems. Some of the companies that are actively working toward making this dream a reality include SpaceXVirgin GalacticBLUE ORIGIN, and ARIANESPACE", quoted Nilopal Ojha, Lead Research Analyst at BIS Research. [Read Coverage]

SpaceX, Virgin Galactic3

Strategic Assessment of Aerospace Aftermarket

By the end of the year 2035, China is expected to become the largest air travel market with 450 airports, resulting in more opportunities for MROs and OEMs to provide significant aerospace aftermarket services. Explore the TOC of this emerging tech research report: [Access Report]

Strategic Assessment of Aerospace4

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"The need for understanding and forecasting the market (especially new and emerging markets) is now extended to almost all technology and technology products," quoted our CEO, Faisal Ahmad. [Read Complete Story]

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