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BIS Research Market Insights – Quick Bytes #5

Based on the weekly analysis, here are some of the emerging technologies that are witnessing huge growth potential and opportunities worldwide 

  1.   As an updated version of the C4ISR systems, the latest C5ISR systems have become an integral part of the defense forces. To know more, visit - https://bisresearch.com/industry-report/c5isr-systems-market.html
    C4ISR systems
  2.   Announcing the top authority on healthcare robotics. Know more about these leaders and what they think about the future of healthcare robotics in the Top 25 Voices report. Download the report from here: https://insightmonk.com/top25voices-healthcare-robotics-results
    Top 25 Voices report
  3. BIS Research analyzed that the global Beyond Visual Line of Sight – BVLOS drone market (revenue) is currently estimated at approximately $19B, (CAGR) of nearly 6% and a projected market size of $34B by 2029 Global. Europe is estimated to account for approximately 25% of the global drone market, with a projected BVLOS market worth $8.5B. Read more: https://www.suasnews.com/2020/11/dronecloud-leads-uk-research-and-innovation-consortium-to-integrate-software-systems-required-for-bvlos-drone-flights/
    – BVLOS drone market
  4. As an alternative to in-person hospital visits, find out how telemedicine services escalated drastically during COVID-19 and are projected to reach $123 billion by 2030! To know more: https://bisresearch.com/industry-report/telemedicine-market.html
    Telemdecine market
  5. In October 2019, Rachio, LG Electronics, launched its first voice-enabled air conditioning range, which is compatible with Google Assistant and is set to launch just ahead of the Oz summer season. Follow our in-depth research in the link below: https://bisresearch.com/industry-report/australia-new-zealand-hvac-market
    ANZ HVAC Market