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BIS Research Market Insights – Quick Bytes #3

Based on our weekly analysis, here are some of the emerging technologies that are witnessing huge growth potential and opportunities worldwide:

  1.  Dotted by several major healthcare companies, the U.S. has recorded the highest implementation of advancing sequencing technologies. In our detailed industry analysis, uncover all the recent developments that will disrupt this emerging tech in the coming decade! [View Report]
    DNA Methylation Market
  2. With the ongoing global health crisis, service robots have gained immense popularity and adoption due to their ability to autonomously execute security, safety, and rescue tasks, without any human intervention. Read the market coverage here: [View Report]
    safety security and rescue robotics market
  3. Owing to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the adoption of thermal cameras, IP technology, remote monitoring IoT sensors, and video analytics by hospitals, has plummeted the growth of the video surveillance tech market. Read more below: [View Report]
    Video survillance market
  4. Several leading companies, such as ABB Ltd., Siemens AG, Emerson Electric, and Honeywell, are adopting inorganic growth strategies to strengthen their product portfolio in the global smart factory and manufacturing market. Explore the competitive landscape of this emerging market below: [View Report]
    smart factory and manufacturing market
  5. The uneventful global outbreak of COVID-19 has massively encouraged the adoption of next-generation printing ink due to the rising need for efficient and faster printing technologies. With our post-COVID impact analysis, discover the growth curve of this opportunistic market below: [View Report]
    Next Generation Printing Ink-2
  6. In 2019, Procept BioRobotics Corp. and CMR Surgical occupied major market share in the next-generation surgical robotics space worldwide. Learn more about the current market shares and growth potentials of leading companies working in the sector: [View Report]
    next generation surgical robotics market

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