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BIS Research Market Insights – Quick Bytes #10

Based on the weekly analysis, here are some of the emerging technologies that are witnessing huge growth potential and opportunities worldwide

  1. High Precision Asphere Market :- Global giants such as Nikon Corporation, AGC Group Inc., and Canon Inc. are investing to a large extent in the global high precision asphere market to improvise their products as well as to capture a major market share. Witness the growth of this emerging tech in our exclusive market analysis. [Access Report]

 High Precision Asphere Market


  1. Media Citation: Lab-grown meat and plant-based foods are going to dominate our future diets: What is driving these trends? :- "The plant-based market is no longer a niche market, as evident from the soaring consumer demand for meat and dairy alternatives. A recent report by BIS research estimated that the plant-based market will reach $480.43 billion by 2024, with a projected annual growth rate of 13.82% from 2019 to 2024." [Read Full Article]

 Media Citation


  1. In-Space Manufacturing, Servicing, and Transportation Market :- Companies such as Momentus Space are launching commercial in-space shuttle with the ability to rideshare, which will allow customers to avail low-cost in-space transportation. Find out more about how other commercial players are investing in this booming sector! [Access Report]

 In-Space Manufacturing

  1. Global Smart Food and Beverage Label Market :- The presence of a number of startups, for instance, Label Insight, and QLIKTAG Software Inc., are playing a crucial role in the transformation of the North America smart food and beverage label industry. Find out more about this emerging market with BIS Research market intelligence report. [Access Report]

    Smart Food and Beverage Label Market

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