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Advances in UAV Communications: Present Challenges and Future Opportunities

Nov 20, 2020 1:33:32 AM / by BIS Research

UAV Communications

The drone market has experienced dynamic technological advancements over the last few decades. These advancements have led to the improvement in the autonomy of drones, operating ranges, capabilities, and payload sizes and have also paved the way for various growth opportunities. The increasing adoption of drones for aerial surveillance, patrolling, disinfection, fertilizer spraying, and delivery, among other applications, has increased the need for accuracy in control and navigation systems as well as in tracking systems as compared to the results from radiofrequency operations and satellite communication operations of drones. However, communication and navigation remain among the major areas restraining the growth of the drone market.

Cellular networks could be a key enabler to rolling out beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations at scale while keeping operating costs low, as cellular-connected drones can operate with the existing network infrastructure. The capabilities of cellular networks are expected to enhance drone safety for consumers, along with increasing commercial and government applications. The introduction of cellular network connectivity in the cellular-connected drone market has rapidly transformed the communication process between the operator and the drone. However, participation from other stakeholders is also needed to establish cost-effective and viable drone communication.

To explore the present challenges and future opportunities of drone communication, BIS Research is conducting a webinar, Advances in UAV Communications: Present Challenges and Future Opportunities’, on Thursday 17th December 2020 at 10:30 AM PST, with guest speakers Mr. Thomas Neubauer, Vice President, TEOCO and Dr. Sanjay Gupta, President, AirFuel Alliance.


Why Attend the Webinar?

  • To understand the impact of communication technologies on the drone industry
  • To explore market opportunities in different regions
  • To identify drone communication challenges
  • To learn ways to mitigate drone communication-related concerns
  • To evaluate the required technological advancements to encourage widespread adoption

Attendees’ Take Home

  • Live Q&A with Guest Speaker
  • Free Whitepaper titled “Advances in UAV Communications: Present Challenges and Future Opportunities” 

Who Should Attend This Webinar?

  • Drone Manufacturers
  • Drone Service Providers
  • Cellular Network Providers
  • Air Navigation Service Provider
  • Drone Technology Solution Providers
  • Telecom Equipment Providers
  • Data Service Providers
  • Research Institutes

Speaker Profile

Dr. Thomas Neubauer

VP - Business Development and Innovations, TEOCO and Co-Creator – AirborneRF

Thomas has about 20 years’ experience in the management of wireless networks, working with tier-1 customers around the globe. He has successfully founded and led the startup for cellular network optimization software, which he sold in 2012. Thomas is also the co-creator of AirborneRF, a software solution specialized for connecting cellular network operators with aviation systems (ATM/UTM/FIMS), enabling BVLOS drone operations. On behalf of GSMA and Global UTM Association (GUTMA), he leads the worldwide standardization of interfaces between cellular networks and the aviation eco-system. He holds a Ph.D. in telecommunications engineering from the Vienna University of Technology.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

President of AirFuel Alliance

AirFuel Alliance is the leading global authority on wireless power technology and standards. It is a consumer electronics and wireless technology frontrunner, with 25+ years in the industry and several leadership positions in product management and engineering at Fortune 50 companies. Sanjay has also been a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology. Sanjay has over 20 patents, over 40 publications in archival journals, and several industry-first products to his credit. He also mentors the technology research team at BIS Research.

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