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Robotic-Assisted Imaging Technologies Enabling Minimally Invasive Surgical..

The surgical medical specialty is an exciting and rapidly growing area of medicine with many new technologies and procedures to deliver in-depth,..

Electric Vehicle Virtual Prototyping: Shaping the Future of Global Electric..

Electric vehicles (EVs) are basically considered as the future of automobiles. One of the biggest factors contributing to the fact is that..

Carrier Screening Test: Benefits and Role in Genetic Testing

Carrier screening is a genetic test that detects whether the person carries a specific genetic disorder in the genes or not. It is done for those..

Flat Panel Antenna To be a Game Changer for Satellite Communication

Flat panel antennas are referred to as satellite antennas used to maintain a connection between the receiving object and the satellite..

Adoption of Agricultural Sensors to Get Actionable Insights

Climate change and environmental pollution are becoming an inevitable reality. On the other hand, the world population is increasing at an..

9 Leading Technologies of 2021 That Will Continue to Dominate the Markets in..

Technology trends are known for constant transformation, making it strenuous to highlight which one would continue; and which not. Similarly, if..

How the Preimplantation Genetic Test is Contributing to a Healthier World?

About 8 million babies have been born since the first test-tube baby named Louise Brown in 1978. That remarkable invention took place four decades..

Everything You Need to Know About Indoor Farming Technology

Indoor farming is a new technology created as a response to the shortage of food in the world. It is the process of growing crops and plants..

Role of CRISPR Gene Editing Technology in Correcting Cancer-Causing DNA Changes

In 2013, a critical research discovery was made by scientists in the field of gene editing. Scientists discovered a new tool called Clustered..

Reasons Why Gallium Nitride Market is Projected to See Rapid Growth

Gallium nitride (GaN) is an extremely hard and mechanically stable wide bandgap semiconductor with a hexagonal crystal structure. GaN has a vast..
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