Webinar: Mental Health Wellness in a Post Pandemic World

Mental health is one of the vital components of a person’s overall well-being. However, mental well-being has come into the spotlight only in the past few years. The lack of awareness associated with social stigma and ignorance of mental health in government health-related programs have led to the limited diagnosis of the most prevalent disorders. However, due to the high degree of technology penetration in the past years, mental health diagnosis has accelerated and challenged the aforementioned barriers.

For instance, the presence of mental health mobile applications has advanced self-monitoring among the application users and mental health patients. These apps offer cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) activities, meditation therapy modules, and mood monitoring features. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic brought the spotlight to global mental health concerns and propelled the adoption of teletherapy among other mental health mobile platforms.

Hence, to understand the various digital offerings (devices and mobile solutions) available for diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders, their growth potential, and other vital aspects, BIS Research has developed a report titled, ‘Global Emerging Mental Health Devices and Platforms Market’ The report focuses on the mobile platforms and technology integrated therapy devices used in the diagnosis and treatment of various mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Furthermore, the report offers an in-depth analysis of key technology trends, regulatory landscape, competitive landscape, regional markets, and growth opportunities.

Furthermore, to understand the impact of the COVID-19 on the mental health of the people and to identify how it affects different aspects of an individuals’ life and analyze and study the emerging solutions and devices that can help with such situations, join the webinar on ‘Mental Health Wellness in a Post Pandemic World on Wednesday, September 15, 2021, at 7 PM BST/2 PM EDT. The guest speakers associated with the webinar are Laura Scarrone Bonhomme, Head of Mental Health Services – U.K. and Ireland, Teledoc Health, and Clive Michelsen, CEO My-E-Health AB.

Key points to be discussed in the webinar:

• To gauge the impact of COVID-19 on the mental health ecosystem
• To analyze mental health issues and ways to Promoting mental health and preventing mental illness
• To understand the benefit of remote-delivered therapy for mental health
• To understand the gender, sexual, and relationship diversity in relation to mental health
• To analyze the evolving demand for mental health technologies and solutions
• To identify the challenges for the new entrants in the mental health devices market
• To analyze the emerging solutions, devices, and platforms for the mental health treatment

Who should attend this webinar?

• CXOs of medical devices and digital health companies
• CXOs of mental health start-up companies
• R&D engineers and project managers of the companies operating in the mental health devices market
• Program officers from ministries of health
• Technical workers (department of mental health)
• Academics and universities
• Coordinators from mental health support societies
• Application and technology developers in the field of mental health
• Psychologists and care providers
• Mental health devices and platform developers

Speaker Profile:

Laura Scarrone Bonhomme - Head of Mental Health Services – U.K. and Ireland, Teledoc Health

• Laura Scarrone Bonhomme is Head of Mental Health Services at Teladoc Health U.K. and Ireland, currently the largest telemedicine multinational in the world.
• At Teladoc Health, she leads a team of 80 psychologists, counsellors, and psychotherapists delivering remote mental health support to clients across the lifespan.
• Laura also holds a private practice where she provides psychological therapy to individuals, couples, and families.
• She has trained and developed her career internationally, working in the fields of Clinical and Health Psychology in Spain, Chile, and the U.K.
• She is adept at dealing with a wide variety of issues and specializes in gender, sexual, and relationship diversity (LGBTQI+).
• Presently, she is in the process of writing a book titled ‘Practicing Gender Affirming Therapy: What Transgender and Non-Binary Communities Can Teach Us.’
• Laura is passionate about supporting minority communities and frequently delivers training and public speaking in this and other psychology-related areas.
• Laura is a committee member of the British Psychological Society and is a registered clinical supervisor.

Clive Michelsen - Founder and CEO of My-E-Health AB

• Clive Michelson has more than 14 years of university behind him in psychology, medicine, and business; Clive is passionate about employee sustainability and preventive health.
• He founded ‘My E-Health’, a healthcare and rehabilitation services company offering a full range of wellness and wellbeing services from online psychometric assessments, mental health prevention and psychological services to workplace testing, reviews, and company mental health risk exposure analysis, including risk for burnout, anxiety, depression, and engagement distributions.
• My-E-Health offers employees an online portal with access to mindfulness, breathing, and self-help tools as well as self-awareness and empowerment for participation programs. Using the inbuilt assessments, individuals, companies, and counselors can track their mental health and wellbeing and proactively take action to prevent emerging challenges.
• Primarily, he is responsible for strategic direction, knowledge management, best practice, operational strategies, and other duties related to the governance of an innovative SaaS Corporate Healthcare framework under the My-E-Health brand internationally.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity and register for the webinar “Mental Health Wellness in a Post Pandemic World” on Wednesday, September 15, 2021, at 7 PM BST/2 PM EDT.

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