Sustainable Space Economy | Webinar on What Future Holds for Space Missions

The concept of a sustainable space economy is becoming increasingly important as human activities in space continue to expand. The idea behind a sustainable space economy is to use space resources in a way that is environmentally responsible and economically viable, while also minimizing negative impacts on the Earth and its inhabitants.

One of the key components of a sustainable space economy is the use of space resources. For example, instead of transporting resources from Earth to space, we can utilize resources found in space, such as water and metals, to support human activities. This not only reduces the environmental impact of space activities, but it also makes them more economically feasible by reducing the cost of transporting resources.

Another important aspect of a sustainable space economy is to minimize waste and pollution in space. This can be achieved by designing spacecraft and satellites to be reusable, reducing the amount of debris in space, and implementing strict regulations on the disposal of space waste.

Another key element is to build a resilient space economy that will be able to adapt to the future, both on its technical aspects as on the market changes. This would allow the space economy to be sustainable for not just for today, but for the future as well.

Moreover, a sustainable space economy can also bring economic, social and environmental benefits to the Earth. For instance, satellite-based technologies can be used to support sustainable development goals such as climate monitoring, disaster management, and rural connectivity.

Overall, a sustainable space economy is vital for ensuring the long-term viability and sustainability of human activities in space, while also minimizing negative impacts on the Earth. By utilizing space resources responsibly, reducing waste and pollution, promoting international collaboration, and fostering the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises and developing countries, we can create a thriving and resilient space economy that generates economic, social, and environmental benefits for current and future generations.

The team of expert analysts from space and defense vertical at BIS Research have been studying the space and its related aspects that affects different industries in the market. Several studies around the same have also been published by BIS Research in the past.

Now, specifically, for understanding the scope of sustainable space economy BIS Research is hosting a webinar that will give a comprehensive view of this emerging topic in spacetech.

Here are the details:

Webinar Topic: Sustainable Space Economy – Needed Philosophy & Next Steps


The main agenda of this webinar is to understand and explore the future prospects of the following:

•    NewSpace market, constellations, new products and services, evolving demand 
•    Constellations, serial production, standardization of platforms & subsystems 
•    Constellations, rise in demand for dedicated launch services, new launch capabilities, spaceports 
•    Space debris, collision concerns, signal interference, space regulations


Our eminent panellists for this webinar will be:

Timo Mustonen – Founder of Sustainable Space Economy, a space research and technology firm, Timo’s greatest passion is to promote and execute sustainable space economy. He has been recognized as “top person to follow” and “top networker” in aerospace domain on LinkedIn. His vision is to improve quality of life on Earth by utilizing space in a sustainable (social, environment and economic) way without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. He has worked previously at Nokia in different management positions in finance, supply chain, change management, business development, partnership management, process development, marketing and strategy development.

Arun Kumar Sampathkumar – Arun is the principal analyst within the aerospace & defense unit of BIS Research. With a background in aerospace engineering and an MBA, he has over 9 years of experience covering aerospace, defense and security verticals. Being passionate about small satellites, he has been monitoring the NewSpace markets, delivering market insights to government and commercial stakeholders. He is an expert professional in providing services such as market entry strategies, product launch strategies, and competitive benchmarking, among others.

Nilopal Ojha – Principal analyst at BIS Research for aerospace and defense, Nilopal is responsible for covering technological and market developments in the space, drones, robotics and automation domain. He has helped multiple companies with actionable insights on unmanned systems, network planning & analytical solution, space solutions, unmanned ecosystem, and space propulsion infrastructure to create maximum revenue impact.

Amy Gracia – Amy is currently working as the lead analyst for the aerospace & defense practice at BIS Research, responsible for covering technological and market developments in the aviation and space domain. She has helped multiple companies with actionable insights on digital transformation of commercial aviation & marine, aircraft component, airport equipment (including airside & terminal), and space ecosystem to create maximum revenue impact.

Reasons to Join:

Apart from the fact that several of expert minds from the space industry will be a part of this extensive webinar, this webinar will be a great opportunity for you learn about:

•    the state of the space industry, technology and market trends, future of the space industry
•    serial production trends, impact on demand for subsystems and components
•    new launch service providers, small launch vehicles, spaceport-based business models
•    sustainability in the space domain and its variation across segments
•    opportunities for implementing sustainability in space companies
•    future of sustainability in space domain

Timing and Registration:

The webinar is going to take place on 27th Jan’23 at following global timings:

•    7:30 A.M. (EST)
•    2:30 PM (Finland)
•    6:00 PM (IST)

Visit our website and register for the event today. Get an edge over your competitors by learning the future of sustainable space economy. 

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