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Battery Thermal Management Systems for Electric Vehicles: Ensuring Next-Gen..

As electric vehicles (EVs) go from being a niche product to being widely available, and the usability differences between EVs and their internal..

AI Applications in Energy Sector: Need of the Hour for a Sustainable Future

One of the major concerns for governments globally today is the steadily rising carbon emissions and their damaging effects on the environment and..

Mycelium: A New Age Packaging Material

In this era, where people are becoming environmentally conscious, eco-friendly and sustainable materials are in high demand.

Solid Tumor and Trending Technologies for its Testing and Treatment

The human body makes new cells to replace old or damaged ones that die off constantly. Sometimes, the cells do not die off as expected, and new cells..

DeepTechTalk Podcast | Electric ATV and UTV Market

The popularity of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and utility-terrain vehicles (UTVs) for various different applications has been on a rise at a global..

Advancement of Radiation Hardened Single-Board Computer in Space Satellites

The era of satellites began when the world watched its first successful launch of a satellite into low-Earth orbit (LEO) in 1957. After five years,..

Trending Robotic Applications in the Agriculture Industry

Disruptive technologies and innovations must fall into place for any sector to thrive. In the agriculture industry, farmers are constantly seeking..

Role of High Precision Asphere in Autonomous Vehicles

There are a number of metro trains and subway systems that operate on automated technology today. People often get confused with automatic and..

Advantages of Drones in Agricultural Industry for Developing Countries

Agriculture has a rich history; this sector has been a key driver of the economy and has served as the chief source of income and livelihood for a..

Role of Digital PCR in Obstetrical and Gynecological Diseases

Gynecological disorders are disorders that affect the female reproductive system, which includes the organs such as breasts, uterus, fallopian tube,..
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