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How Sustainable Films Food Packaging is Taking over Plastic Films

The expanding food and beverage (F&B) sector isone of the primary drivers of edible products market economic growth. As far as the packaging of..

Earth Observation Drone: Technology for Environment Monitoring

From hand-drawn tables and charts to high definition (HD) images, the technology is helping governments and organization agencies to monitor..

Battery Swapping | Way to Recharge Your Electric Vehicle Faster

One of the biggest and fastest-growing industries in the manufacturing sector is the automotive industry. The industry has developed rapidly over the..

Join the Biggest Webinar of 2022 on Emerging Satellite Capabilities

For more than six decades, since the first satellite (Sputnik) was launched into space, the satellite industry has seen an unprecedented..

How is Blockchain Technology Transforming the Energy Sector?

Several technological innovations have been molding the operational protocols across different industries; among which is also the energy and power..

Undeniable Impact of 3D Printing Technology on the Business and Workforce..

In the age of technological revolution, innovations such as three-dimensional (3D) printing is hugely impacting all areas of life. Since its..

New Trend of Insect Protein in Diet: Good and Bad Aspects

Balanced nutrition is essential for optimal physical and mental performance for humans. All the nutrition components such as carbohydrates, vitamins,..

From Reusable Endoscope to Single-Use Endoscope: A Significant Shift During..

The healthcare facilities such as hospitals and testing labs are generally highly infectious places as there are several patients with different..

Single Cell RNA Sequencing: Growth Drivers, Challenges, and Opportunities in..

The single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) technology helps researchers to discover unexpected discoveries in the field of genomics, transcriptomics,..

Technologies Transforming the Minimally Invasive Surgical Systems

With the onset of high technological advancement, almost every industry is adopting advanced systems to improve the quality of products and services..
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