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Future of Laboratory Informatics Evolving with Artificial Intelligence

Today’s laboratories have come far along in terms of technology and advancement of research approaches. With the integration of various technologies,..

New Technologies Kicking off at the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar | Tech in..

The world of sports has always embraced any new technological innovation to ensure accuracy and transparency in results. At the recently inaugurated..

Webinar on In-Orbit Satellite Refueling | Key Questions and Answers

For several decades since the first satellite was launched, scientists and researchers globally have been looking for satellites to refuel while they..

What Does the Future of Green Energy Hold? - A Webinar on Sustainable Energy

Over-dependency on fossil-based fuels owing to easy handling, high energy density, and existing infrastructure, among other factors, brings attention..

High-Performance Textile Leading the Evolution in High-Tech Sportswear

Today, the global sports scenario is becoming increasingly competitive, and various popular sports such as football, basketball, and cricket have..

Printed Electronic Materials and their Future in Healthcare

Printed electronic materials are used in manufacturing antennas, flexible displays, soft energy devices, sensors, etc., that are used in various..

Geospatial Imagery Analytics: Its Widespread Applications and Competitive..

Geospatial analysis is an analytical method that involves gathering information about the Earth's surface (such as elevation and population density)..

Types of Launch Vehicles Based on Payload Capacity

Any spacecraft that can transport equipment such as satellites, experimentation equipment, and astronauts for human space missions from the surface..

Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopy Devices Leading the Evolution in Surgical..

Since the first prototype of a laparoscopy device was created in 1929 by a German gastroenterologist named Heinz Kalk, the field of laparoscopy has..

Ambulatory Surgery Centers Gaining Prevalence over Outpatient Hospitals- Here’s..

Hospital capacity around the world has been severely stressed by the ongoing rise in disease burden on the healthcare system and the additional..
Webinar on Green Hydrogen and Green Fuels

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