Liquid Biopsy: An Emerging Frontier in Early Multicancer Detection

Liquid biopsy is a test that examines deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and other molecules in a patient's blood to detect cancer. Liquid biopsy plays a key role in early cancer detection by providing a non-invasive method for detecting the presence of cancer cells in the body.

This test can detect circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in patients' blood, indicating the presence of cancer before symptoms appear or before a tumor can be seen on imaging tests.

This allows for earlier cancer detection, leading to earlier treatment and potentially better outcomes for patients. Additionally, liquid biopsy can also be used to monitor the progression of cancer and assess the effectiveness of treatment, helping make treatment decisions and decision making to continue or change therapy.

The healthcare industry has quickly embraced liquid biopsy technology for its accuracy, speed, and convenience. It is used in many hospitals and clinics worldwide and is becoming an integral part of the healthcare industry. With its ability to detect cancer in its early stages and with minimal discomfort to the patient, it is revolutionizing the way healthcare professionals diagnose and treat cancer.

The team of expert analysts from the healthcare vertical at BIS Research has been studying the role of liquid biopsy in early cancer detection and its impact on the overall healthcare industry, publishing several studies around the same.  

BIS Research is hosting a webinar that will comprehensively view liquid biopsy.

Here are the details:

Webinar Topic: Liquid Biopsy – An Emerging Frontier in Early Multicancer Detection

Agenda: To understand the following:

•    Trends and key market developments
•    Common methodologies employed in liquid biopsy analysis
•    Overview of emerging clinical applications and the testing landscape
•    Adoption scenario and key investments
•    Conclusion and future outlook

Reasons to Attend the Webinar?

•    To understand the technological innovation in liquid biopsy
•    To identify factors limiting the liquid biopsy adoption in clinical application
•    To understand how liquid biopsies may help with treatment selection and monitoring of cancer treatment outcomes
•    To explore market opportunities in different regions


Our eminent panelists for this webinar will be:

Azeet Narayan – Azeet Narayan is a Principal Scientist in Sema4. His main interests lie in developing sequencing-based innovative diagnostic assays to enable ultra-sensitive detection of nucleic acid biomarkers in clinical samples. His research interest includes diverse fields of physical and bio-chemical sciences aimed at achieving realistic diagnostic solutions for challenging diseases.

Nitish Kumar – Nitish Kumar is the principal consultant within the healthcare unit of BIS Research. He has a postgraduate degree in pharmaceutical sciences and over eight years of experience managing biopharma, life sciences, and biotechnology domains. Nitish has a successful track record of consulting Fortune 500 clients in the bio-pharmaceuticals and life sciences domain. He is experienced in preparing epidemiological-based data models for biopharmaceutical products.

Riya Gupta – Riya Gupta is a research analyst within the healthcare unit of BIS Research. In the current role, Riya is accountable for carrying out comprehensive qualitative and quantitative market information, which includes market dynamics like sizing, trend analysis, short and long-term market forecasting, and competitive landscape assessment of the precision medicine industry.

Timing and Registration:

The webinar is going to take place on January 24, 2023, at the following time:

•    9:00 A.M. (EST/EDT)
•    2:00 P.M. (GMP)
•    7:30 PM (IST)

Visit our website and register for the event today. Get an edge over your competitors by learning how liquid biopsy is an emerging frontier in early multi cancer detection.

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